A holiday at Union Lido can be as relaxing or energetic as you want it to be.

The Union Lido holiday park has its own private, soft, sandy beach and spectacular pool complexes, both only a short amble or stroll from the Bolero area located centrally in the holiday park.

Culinary needs are superbly catered for, with diverse choices, ranging from colourful fruit and vegetable shops and supermarkets which stock all you require, through to pizza and multiple take away venues and a multitude of restaurants and buffet bars where you can either enjoy a family meal, a cosy romantic dining event or even a celebration where you can choose to ‘dine in style’ for a special occasion.

Just walking around Union Lido is a joy, especially if you enjoy nature and being lost in your own thoughts against a backdrop of relaxation. The beautiful flower gardens in the pedestrian areas of Union Lido greet you with a sea of colour and this attention to detail makes it apparent that this is more than just an exceptional “Holiday Park” which is thoughtfully cared for and extremely well managed, it is a high standard that other holiday parks should always aspire to reach.

Whatever you decide, Union Lido will provide.

What does a Union Lido holiday offer?

Many people may consider Union Lido to be a campsite in Italy, because it has pitches for tents, caravans and motorhomes, but for those that have been there regularly over the years, we are confident they would say it is more of a holiday village. Many people at Union Lido can spend two weeks of their holiday never needing to leave the holiday park, enjoying the pool complexes and beach daily, having a spot of lunch at any one of the many bars, cafe's and restaurants located throughout the holiday park during the morning / afternoon and evening.

Even spending some time outside your air-conditioned two or three bedroom Bolero mobile home with a selection of UK and European food choices can be purchased from the supermarket (either at the supermarket almost on your doorstep near your Bolero mobile home or at the main Union Lido shopping square where the large deli and bakery will tempt anyone in!) This option offers a relaxing way to enjoy your lunch alfresco!

Union Lido is a large park and due to the Bolero location, you will never find anything at too great a distance. Within 3 minutes you could be popping your towel down on a sun-lounger at one of the pool complexes or add another 60 seconds and you are on the soft expanse of private sandy beach, where a large clear blue sky and a passing ice-cream vendor will cater for your sun worshipping needs!

Natural Park Setting

The natural forestry setting along the peninsular opens up the woodland areas for some imaginative play and ample sport choices. The Union Lido adventure play park with slides, swings and a trampoline is a great way for the kids to have fun and get some exercise, along with running tracks through the forest that meander through the natural park setting, and along the beachfront. Union Lido balances their love of nature with modern facilities, allowing the natural park life to co-exist in harmony with visiting holiidaymakers.

When the kids find the terrapin pool, their natural curiosity will add to their holiday enjoyment as they watch the small reptiles basking in the Italian sun or swimming around the pools. Union Lido offers a never-ending freedom of choice, to explore activities that offer creative family fun, healthy sports and musical events to maximise your holiday enjoyment.

From opera to rock concerts, at Union Lido evening entertainment is always assured.

When you arrive at Union Lido, you receive a copy of the My Weekly entertainment programme which will tell you more about the activities and events throughout your stay. This opens up many different types of holiday experience, from aqua aerobics on water-bikes which will test even the most hardy cyclist to an evening with fine wine and musical artists as the sun sets behind the glistening Adriatic sea. You will also find that many of the events are family orientated so the kids can always get involved!

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  • "Fabulous Union Lido, Fabulous Bolero!"

  • "Excellent as always!"

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