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Travelling to Union Lido in Italy has never been easier, with flexible dates and arrivals, your route to happiness begins here!


Flights are the most cost effective way to get to Union Lido and the low cost airlines are now gradually expanding to provide more routes to Italy. We know that more and more of our guests are discovering that this form of transport is quick, simple and hassle free. Major UK companies serving these airports are Jet2, Ryanair, Easyjet, British Airways among others and the airports for Union Lido are Marco Polo and Treviso (Both are classed as Venice airports).

If you are a little unsure about the internet, we will guide you through the booking process and help identify what you will face when booking a flight so that you are fully prepared for what costs will be involved. We have put together a listing below outlining the available companies operating to Marco Polo airport and Treviso airport (flight schedules may be subject to change, please use the airline website to confirm the route directly)

When looking at flights and making a reservation, please be aware of our terms and conditions regarding arrivals. Unfortunately we are not able to accept any arrivals on site after 23.00 (as outlined in the Bolero Holidays terms and conditions) which means we cannot accept any reservations alongside any flights that arrive any later than 21.30 (arrival in Italy before 21.30 will ensure you can arrive at the park before 23.00)

You can visit their websites directly or combine your airline search using the handy

Drive To Union Lido By Car

Overnight Sleeper Train to Italy

Please use the map below to find Union Lido and Bolero Holidays, to help with your travel plans.

Google Map - Union Lido & Bolero

To get directions - Click on Bolero Holidays via the map and at the top of the map, choose 'Directions'

To view fullscreen - Click on 'View larger map' to open up a fullscreen version of the map.

Save pinpoint - You can save Bolero Holidays or Union Lido to your personal Google Map. Click on Bolero Holidays then click Save at the top. (you may need a google account to do this)

New Virtual Tour - You can now walk as far as the Union Lido Private Beach from the Bolero reception office. - View Virtual Tour

We are happy to help make your journey to Union Lido easier, and thanks to Google Maps, you can locate us quickly and efficiently. You can even plan route maps using the road and ferry networks from any part of the UK and Europe to help you navigate to Union Lido and even our Bolero reception itself.

This helps to minimise any hassle on your journey by car and for those arriving by flight or even by train, you can see the ferry port networks if you plan to travel to us via Venice, using either the Alilaguna ferry service or the Actv water bus service, or even the speedboat ferry taxi service which adds a dash of style and a james bond-esque experience to your holiday journey!

You can view websites for the ferry services here:

Alilaguna Ferry Service - operating out of Marco Polo airport
Actv Water Buses - operating around Venice
Speedboat ferry services - operating around Venice

If you are unsure of anything, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help guide you to the right service to help with your journey planning.

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